News 2 rides along with officer as Spring Hill holds National Night Out

SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Spring Hill Police Department held a National Night Out event Tuesday to make themselves readily available to the people they are hired to protect.

When News 2 met with Officer Thomas Goetz, he was on his daily patrol, driving in and out of various new subdivisions looking for anything out of place.

“We try to get the crime before they commit it,” he said. “Crime we see the most of starting to pick up is thefts, shoplifting from all the new businesses coming in and residential thefts.”

He has also seen more car break-ins. One reason he points to is because Spring Hill, like many places in Middle Tennessee, is growing.

“More people have moved here, they come from Franklin, from Columbia. The cost of living here is cheaper so more people are moving here. So the crime rate is going to go up,” he said.

Goetz said many of the people who are caught committing the crimes aren’t from Spring Hill.

“They just come over here because everyone sees spring hill as a small town as it being easier to get away with crime, maybe they won’t get caught,” he told News 2. “We aren’t going to tolerate it. We are going to catch you.”