Yellow lines painted over roadkill in Iowa

Courtesy: KWQC/ Maureen Marshall)

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Motorists driving along North Harrison near Davenport Municipal Airport in Iowa over the weekend were doing a double take upon seeing yellow lines painted over a deceased raccoon.

“I haven’t seen something like this before,” said Maureen Marshall, who took a photo of the bizarre spectacle on Sunday, Oct. 2.

“I am an ER nurse so not much surprises me,” she said. “However my husband turned the car around to see if that was actually what we saw.”

Such a sight is not unprecedented.

In August 2012, NBC News reported that a road crew in Pennsylvania had painted over a dead raccoon.

As for the north Davenport roadkill, it appeared to have been removed from the roadway by late Monday morning.