Man found dead from multiple gunshot wounds to head

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro police are investigating after a man was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds to his head south of downtown Nashville early Sunday morning.

It happened at the Tony Sudekum Apartments off University Court. Neighbors said they heard what sounded like gunfire around 3 a.m., but they never heard or saw anything else.

About an hour later, someone went outside and discovered 27-year-old Brandon Lee Jones lying in the courtyard.

Brandon Lee Jones with his mother, Dr. Linda Etherly (Courtesy: Linda Etherly)
Brandon Lee Jones with his mother, Dr. Linda Etherly (Courtesy: Linda Etherly)

Jones was transported to an area hospital where he was declared dead.

Metro police went door-to-door interviewing neighbors to see if they saw anything.

Investigators believe Jones got into an argument with another person and was shot outside the apartment building as multiple shell casings were found at the scene.

It is unknown how long Jones was dead before he was found.

This was the seventh fatal shooting in Nashville in the past 10 days.

Multiple gunshots were also fired while News 2 reporter Julie Edwards was reporting live from the scene. Police were unable to locate the shooter.

Residents of the Tony Sudekum Apartments said the recent violence in their area worries them.

“It really does concern me ‘cause we, my friend and I, both have children, and sometimes we sit outside. The kids might not be out here, but sometimes we sit outside and we could have been innocent bystanders or anything,” said Tangy Beard.

Minister Tony Evans of St. Luke Primitive Baptist Church grew up in the area. He visited the Sudekum apartments, where his sister lives, on Sunday morning after he heard of the shooting.

“I just pray for peace and unity and understanding. You know, we don’t have to kill each other, we’re family around here.”

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