Teddy Ruxpin returns from the 80s with 21st-century upgrades

(Courtesy: Wicked Cool Toys via CNNMoney)

NEW YORK (WCMH)–Teddy Ruxpin, the iconic talking teddy bear from the 1980s, is returning next year.

The bear was originally launched in 1985 and was the first fully animated talking toy. He had motorized eyes and a moving mouth, and told stories through a cassette player in his back.

Wicked Cool Toys is coordinating Teddy’s return.

As CNN Money reports, the new Teddy Ruxpin will still read stories at the push of a button. But, he also has color LCD eyes that can blink, look up and down, and flash shapes. He also has touch sensors in his hands and feet.

The Ruxpin remake will be priced at $99. A YouTube vlogger recently reviewed the toyafter seeing it during a convention.