Police officers give bike to hardworking 19-year-old

(Courtesy: KRON)

BENICIA, Calif. (KRON) — Last week, a 19-year-old man’s work ethic and determination moved Benicia police officers to help him with his future.

During a late night patrol, Cpl. Keffer approached Jourdan Duncan while he was walking in Benicia’s Industrial Park area.

(Courtesy: KRON)
(Courtesy: KRON)

After speaking to him, Cpl. Keffer found out Duncan walks two hours each way every day.

He said he walks because he doesn’t have a vehicle and does not want to burden anyone with a ride.

Cpl. Keffer then offered Duncan a ride home and got to know him better.

Their conversation inspired Cpl. Keffer and the rest of the Benicia Police Officers Association to get Duncan a new bicycle as a mode of transportation.

The officers surprised him with his brand new bike at his work.

“You never know someone’s story until you talk to them. A young man’s work ethic and determination moved our officers to help him with his future.”, said Benicia police.

The officers say they wish the best for Duncan and his future.