Trash problem pile up in Rutherford County

Photo: WKRN

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Overflowing trash containers and unsanitary conditions have some residents fed up with the dirty mess in their neighborhood.

Trash customers from all over Rutherford County are upset that their trash hasn’t been picked up in weeks. The trash is piling up because the private trash company has failed to pick it up.

Rutherford County resident Darrold McAlallister told News 2 he is sick of the excuses.

“It’s one excuse after another,” McAlallister said. “Either employees haven’t shown up, trucks aren’t running.”

His trash is piling up by the day.

“As you can see, it’s just been sitting,” he said. “All the trash cans on this street are overflowing.”

County Disposal, a private company, is supposed to pick up trash every Tuesday in his neighborhood, but McAlallister’s trash has been curbside for quite a while.

“About a month,” he told News 2.

He says it’s trashing his neighborhood.

“It looks trashy and it’s not a trashy neighborhood.”

Andrea Harrington, who has two children, also lives on Paddock Drive and her trash is also mounting.

“It’s incredibly unsanitary; I won’t let them out here to play,” Harrington said. “I mean, there are flies and nasty bugs.”

And the smell is hard to miss.

“The stench too,” Harrington said.

County Disposal has customers in the entire county, from La Vergne, Smyrna, to Christiana.

The company told News 2 by email last week that part of the reason for the delay in pickup was because all their trucks were down for maintenance and repair. They said they were running again this Monday. One truck is running seven days a week trying to catch up.

Rutherford County doesn’t offer trash pickup service, so residents have to either pay for a private company, like County Disposal, or take it to one of the convenience centers free of charge.

McAllister said paying for a service and not getting it is like throwing money in the trash.

“Nobody likes to waste money,” McAlallister said.

The company says in its 28-plus years of being in business, they have never experienced setbacks to this magnitude. They want to assure customers that measures have been put in place to keep this from happening again.

But that’s not good enough for some customers who have already switched disposal services.

County Disposal plans to refund customers who’ve taken their own trash away and even refund those who are paid up for the quarter but decided to switch companies.