Students shocked after Antioch beauty school suddenly closes

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Students learned they had until 1 p.m. Friday to clear out their lockers at Regency Beauty Academy in Antioch. It’s one of 79 campuses across the nation shutting down.

“I was just shocked. I have been paying out of pocket to come here,” said student Terray Tuck.

Tuck told News 2 she has been working two jobs so she could graduate from school debt free. She also said she only had a few months to go until graduation.

“All my money is gone and now I have to wait on them to get our transcripts.”

Tuck is one of many students concerned that they will lose credits and money when they try to transfer to another school.

“Well, we have gotten several calls from several students just interested in finishing their hours,” said Tarsha Coley of Volunteer Beauty Academy.

The school told News 2 it will accept all Middle Tennessee students affected by the closure, regardless of how close they are to graduation.

“We have gotten calls not only from the students but from their clients and we welcome them all,” said Coley.

Regency Beauty Institute says it is mailing everyone their final transcript. The mailings began immediately.

All students should receive their transcripts by Oct. 3.

Regency Beauty Institute says it was forced to close due to declining enrollment and inability to obtain continued financing.