Young Detroit Lions fan has unforgettable encounter with Titans players

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A young Detroit Lions fan had an unforgettable encounter with Titans players last week.

Eli Boddy’s mother Amy videotaped her son giving the team high-fives before last Sunday’s game in Detroit.

Titans linebacker Wesley Woodyard then took the interaction a step further and picked Eli up, asking him ‘what’s up, big man?’ and gave him a high-five.

“That was pretty cool to me,’’ Woodyard told Titans Online.

“I have a son, and it just touched my heart, seeing the kid there. That’s the thing about this game of football, it allows us to bring each other together. It doesn’t matter about the skin color, race, or anything, money. We are all the same, we all enjoy Sundays, and to me that was special, seeing the kid in the tunnel.”

Not only that, but Delanie Walker gave Eli the football after he scored a touchdown.

The video of the Titans giving high-fives to Eli has been seen on Facebook over 1 million times.

No word on whether Eli has switched teams and will now wear a Titans jersey instead of Lions.

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