Nashville attorney weighs in on police footage of Charlotte shooting

Rob McGuire (Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – On Saturday, Charlotte police released body cam and dash cam video of the day police shot and killed Keith Scott.

News 2 spoke with a local attorney to get his perspective on the footage.

“He is backing away. There is not any aggressive movement and then eight seconds after he gets out of the car, he is shot,” said Nashville attorney Rob McGuire, who is not involved with the case.

“You can’t tell if there is anything in his hands like a weapon, don’t know if he is following the officers commands, but he is not taking any kind of aggressive stance.”

It’s a case McGuire says does not look good for the officer who pulled the trigger. With video evidence from a multitude of angles, McGuire thinks it will be a tough fight for the officer in the courtroom.

“These videos are going to tell the tale. It is easy to second guess what an officer has to do in a split second situation, but you are able to see a lot of the things he was able to see,” explained McGuire.

So will the video showing the incident be the main piece of evidence in the case?

According to McGuire, it will play a vital role.

“It will be significant, obviously, there will be other witnesses too,” said McGuire.

This case involves multiple angles of police video and cell phone footage, all of which will need to be looked through, piece by piece.

“The Charlotte police have indicated that he was armed,” said McGuire. “Whether or not the fact that the weapon was wielded against the police is going to be the next question.”

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