Meeting held to discuss future of Greer Stadium

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nashville’s Metro Parks and Recreation Department held the second of two public meetings Saturday morning to gather input about the land where Greer Stadium is located.

The meeting, which took place at the Adventure Science Center, was a public forum to gather ideas for what to do with the now-defunct ball park and the land it sits on.

The former home to the Sounds Baseball teams sits on 27 acres in south Nashville. The property is city-owned and Metro Parks officials, in conjunction with the Metro Planning Commission, are working on a plan for what to do with the land in the future.

Tommy Lynch, Director of Metro Parks and Recreation, said, “We’re hoping to gather the data from Wednesday’s meeting and today’s meeting, put it together, and have some idea within a month or more, maybe two months, and then decide if it’s a city project that just moves forward or whether it’s some sort of [request for proposal] that we enter into to get into a private-public partnership.”

Community members have already submitted a variety of ideas for how they would like to see the land used. The suggestions include building a tennis facility, creating soccer fields, expanding the Fort Negley historic site, and building an amateur baseball complex.

Director Lynch told News 2 the stadium will be torn down, but the iconic guitar-shaped scoreboard is expected to be preserved.

Larry Schmittou, who was instrumental in bringing the Sounds to Nashville and building Greer Stadium in the late 1970s, attended Saturday’s meeting and weighed in on how he wants the land to be used.

“I think that they should turn it into a first class amateur baseball field, for part of the property. There is not a place for 13 to 18-year-old people to play in Metro Nashville. There are no parks for them to have it. Would you rather have them play baseball or stand on a corner?”

Schmittou continued, “We gave Nashville a gift in that ball park and that stadium. They didn’t pay for it. Now, I think it’s time for Nashville to build some ball fields.”

Metro Parks and Recreation expects to make a decision about the property by the end of the year.

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