News 2’s Cory Curtis NFL Power Rankings for Week 3

(Photo: WKRN)
(Photo: WKRN)

NFL Power Rankings time once again… The pool sample is still so small that we are in for some big swings… Hang on, it’s a wild ride!

32. Cleveland Browns (0-2) – It’s going to take an act of God to knock them from this perch.

31. Buffalo Bills (0-2) – Firing the offensive coordinator after a defensive collapse and owners meeting secretly with players? I know formulas for success and that’s not in there!

30. Washington Redskins (0-2) – Maybe we put the cart before the horse? They didn’t beat a team with a winning record last year.

29. New Orleans Saints (0-2) – Defense really stepped up in New York, but the offense disappeared. It’s early, but they’re in trouble.

28. Chicago Bears (0-2) – There wasn’t much to like in that loss to the Eagles and now they’ve lost Jay Cutler for a few weeks.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2) – I can excuse the loss to the Packers, even the loss to the Chargers, but not in the fashion it happened. They’re very young and still WAAAAAAY under the cap, still need more talent, oh and get the ball to Allen Robinson!!!

26. Miami Dolphins (0-2) – A lot of people being really tough on this team, but they did open the season in Seattle and then met New England. That’s tough for anyone. Jury is still out for me and a matchup with Cleveland is just what the Dr. ordered.

25. Indianapolis Colts (0-2) – Without Andrew Luck this is an absolute train wreck! At some point the finger points at Ryan Grigson, he’s finally tried to address the offensive line, but it could be too late. They gave up 5 more sacks last week.

24. San Francisco 49ers (1-1) – A struggling offense has a date with Seattle. Enjoy 24 while you’re here gang…

23. L-A Rams (1-1) – How many Titans fans suffered flashbacks in the 9-3 win over Seattle. Ugly, but a win. Pull off the bandaid and put in Goff. I’d say he can’t be worse, but… C’mon, it can’t be worse!

22. Detroit Lions (1-1) – 18 penalties in 1 game! That was amazing. They should be 2-0, but they aren’t and now they have major injuries at linebacker and are headed for Lambeau.

21. San Diego Chargers (1-1) – Maybe my biggest surprise of the season. They’ve put together 2 monster first halves as Phillip Rivers is getting it done, but minus Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead when does that catch up. That Melvin Gordon pick last year isn’t looking so bad now!

20. Tennessee Titans (1-1) – Marcus Mariota was the real deal in the 4th and has the highest 4th quarter QB rating in the league. Now, they eye their first win streak since 2013 when they finished the season with wins over the Jags & Texans.

19. Atlanta Falcons – That was a big win in Oakland, Matt Ryan threw for 396 yards, now can they build on it? They have a chance with New Orleans on deck.

18. Tampa Bay Bucs (1-1) – I won’t read too much into that performance at Arizona. That was a must win for the Cards and they were playing with house money after opening with a road win in Atlanta.

17. Oakland Raiders (1-1) – One of the most disappointing teams in the league to start the season. Giving up 500 yards a game, they struggled in the preseason, it should not have been that big of a surprise. The offense, that’s another story… Explosive and dangerous.

16. Dallas Cowboys (1-1) – If Dak Prescott progresses what’s the point in putting Romo back in? Pull the bandaid and move forward.

15. Philadelphia Eagles (2-0) – It’s easy to fall in love with Carson Wentz. He’s been fun to watch… Against the Browns and Bears. Also, if he doesn’t protect himself he won’t be around much longer.

14. Kansas City Chiefs (1-1) – I like this team, but not their product to this point. Probably should be 0-2.

13. New York Jets (1-1) – They were explosive against the Bills, but face a tougher test from the Chiefs. Giving up too many big plays defensively, that has to be corrected.

12. Baltimore Ravens (2-0) – Could be set up for a 5-0 start thanks to soft schedule and a healthy lineup. Good to see Steve Smith back.

11. Seattle Seahawks (1-1) – Not sure they should be this high. The offensive line is struggling mightily, but that defense can still play.

10. New York Giants (2-0) – Hard to understand their offensive struggles with the Saints, but that money spent on defense appears to be paying off.

9. Minnesota Vikings (2-0) – No matter how much I don’t want to like this team, they just keep winning. They can play defense and Mike Zimmer is a great leader.

8. Green Bay Packers (1-1) – Yes, I’ve got them ranked higher than the team that just beat them! Why? It’s my poll! Oh and they opened with 2 on the road and last I checked I still like Aaron Rodgers over Sam Bradford. It’s a long season.

7. Arizona Cardinals (1-1) – That was a must win over TB and they dropped the hammer! They haven’t turned it over in 2 games, that’s the recipe for a big season.

6. Houston Texans (2-0) – A team that is starting to look more balanced. Lamar Miller and Will Fuller are proving to be nice additions to the offense. No letterman jackets Thursday in New England.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) – Another team that opened with 2 on the road and I believe a lot of teams will lose in Pittsburgh this season. It doesn’t get easier with Denver in town for the opener, call me crazy, I like Cincy.

4. Carolina Panthers (1-1) – Defense is still nasty and Cam Newton can really play. To me the NFC goes thru Carolina.

3. Denver Broncos (2-0) – Man I wanted that defense in Fantasy Football!!!! You have to pay for quality. So impressed with their ability to come up with the “big play” just when they need it.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0) – Starting to believe the defense is better. They beat Cincy with a slow day from Antonio Brown and without Leveon Bell, that’s not good for the rest of the league.

1. New England Patriots (2-0) – Really? Does anyone expect Brisset to struggle?

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