Multitasking mom uses breast pump during marathon

(Courtesy: WCMH)

SALT LAKE CITY (WCMH) — Anna Young didn’t let the half-marathon she was running in keep from providing food for her child.

“I was really nervous and I felt really embarrassed because I was running with kind of a camel back and I had a pump in it,” said Young.

Young was on the eighth mile of the half-marathon when she put her multitasking skills to work.

“I kinda stopped and there weren’t a lot of people around me so I pulled the pump out and kept walking and pumped while I was going.”

But Young had nothing to worry about, because she was soon receiving encouragement from other runners. “I had one lady turn around and kind of look at me and say ‘way to go, good job’ because she knew exactly what I was doing.”

The photo of Young using the breast pump has since gone viral, and even after she finished the 13.2 mile race, she was still being cheered on by people who saw the picture.

“Whether I run fast or slow I’m going to have a good story and I never realized it would turn into such a big story so many people would share and take a part of,” said Young.

Young shared her story because she wants to empower other moms and encourage them not to be afraid to nurse in public. “I guess my message behind it is you can still do the things you love after you’re a mother and you can still breastfeed your children and you can do these things you’re passionate about.”

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