2-headed calf born in Kentucky

(Courtesy: Brandy Abell McCubbin)

KENTUCKY (WFLA) — It started out as a normal Friday evening for the McCubbin family. No one could have guessed this would happen.

When Kentucky farmer Stan McCubbin went to check on his cattle for the night, he realized a new calf had been born. He saw two faces and “first thought he had twins,” his wife, Brandy Abell McCubbin, said. But, as he inched closer, he realized it was only one calf — with two heads.

She looks different, but every day she’s getting stronger,” Brandy said. The family named the calf Lucky.

Lucky has two heads, three eye sockets and four eyes. The middle eye socket has two eyes in it, and Stan believes those eyes don’t work.

When Lucky drinks out of a bottle both her mouths move.

The family thinks “it’s pretty cool,” Brandy said. She added one of their four daughters, who is 5 years old, loves to bottle feed the calves.

Brandy said she is enjoying the extra time in the barn as well. She called the calf is a “special blessing” who has brought her and her husband closer together.

The calf has some “balancing issues because her head is so heavy,” but Brandy said Lucky is beginning to stand on her own.

Lukcy’s mother is by her side in the barn watching over her and helping out. Lukcy’s mother was born on the family farm, and Lucky is her second calf.

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