Local school looks for different, innovative ways to fundraise

Liberty Elementary Carnival

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – After being back in school for about a month it’s now time for school fundraising season. One middle Tennessee school has come up with a new way to raise money and get the community involved.

Liberty Elementary in Franklin is saying goodbye of its traditional fundraisers and having a carnival instead.

The teachers at Liberty want to raise $200,000 for things like iPads and computers so their students are ready for the technology they’ll be using in middle and high school.

Not only were the kids and parents looking for something new, but a majority of the money goes back to the company that provides the candy bars and cookie dough and magazine subscriptions.
Sometimes the school only gets 40% of what they raise.

Liberty Elementary School’s principal, Dr. Cheryl Robey said she wanted to get include the people around the school more.

“When you sell cookie dough or when you do magazine sales or any other type of fundraisers where you go door to door you just don’t get that type of involvement or that type of precipitation from the community,” Dr. Robey said.

More than half of their school qualifies for free or reduced lunches, so their principal says their fundraisers should look a little different.

“You wouldn’t expect all of those student that are on free and reduced lunch to actually go out and sell cookie dough or to do magazine sales or to try to do door to door fundraisers,” says Dr. Robey. “With this carnival event they can purchase five tickets for a dollar and then their family can have a dinner tonight that is reasonable as well.”

If you want to help Liberty Elementary reach their $200,000 goal click here.

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