‘An unbelievable scenario’: Nashville women recount NYC explosion

(Courtesy: Shanna Strassberg)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As an explosion rocked Chelsea, a New York neighborhood packed with restaurants, shops and other businesses, Antioch resident Brittny Webb and her husband were sleeping a couple of blocks away.

“We were actually in bed and we heard this shrill of a noise. The windows shook, the hotel vibrated. I actually thought maybe somebody had just wrecked into the building,” Webb told News 2.

The couple peered out the window to mayhem.

“It was like pure pandemonium. You see people running up the streets, you could hear them screaming and hollering. There was a few women you could see running up the street, and you could see shrapnel in their shoulders and I actually have a picture after these woman ran out of their shoes,” she explained.

Shanna Strassberg, also of Nashville, was in the popular New York area for a family reunion.

“It is just an unbelievable scenario, of all the hotels in a city filled with more than 8 million people. A bomb went off right in front of our hotel,” Strassberg told News 2.

The Strassbergs were eating dinner when they were notified of the explosion outside of their hotel, which is now a crime scene.

“Had we eaten dinner one hour earlier, we absolutely would have been walking into the hotel at that time and you know, you have to, I don’t know not dwell on what could have happened, but I’m just grateful that we were not there at that time.”

On Sunday afternoon, Strassberg was escorted by New York police under the crime scene tape through the back of the hotel to get her luggage.

“We went down amongst all this rubble and it was really emotional and terrifying, and they were just loading up all the luggage from everyone that had been staying in that building and we were able to get our stuff,” she told News 2.

Both local women are still visually shaken by the terrifying experience, but they are grateful to return home with their families to Nashville.

Webb and her husband were on their honeymoon, but they cut their trip short and are now back in Nashville.

Strassberg plans to return Monday morning.

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