Hawaiian bank releases Mariota bobblehead for charity

Mariota bobblehead

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – If the Tennessee Titans want to avoid a 0-2 start, it will be up to quarterback Marcus Mariota to turn the page.

Mariota’s interception in Sunday’s game against the Vikings turned the tide in the season opener.

Now, he’s talking about putting it behind him and focusing on this week’s match up against the Detroit Lions.

Mariota told reporters he is relying on some advice he received in college.

“You gotta move on to the next one or you are going to make one loss turn into two, from that point on, you remember those instances and it’s helped me with whatever happened in the past week,” said Mariota.

Back in Mariota’s home state of Hawaii, he and his family started a foundation to aid underprivileged children.

Mariota partnered with First Hawaiian Bank to raise awareness and money for his Motiv8 Foundation, which supports academic programs and initiatives that provide youth with opportunities to excel in school and sports.

The bobbleheads cost $20 each and all proceeds go to the Motiv8 Foundation but are not available in Tennessee.

The Titans kick off at Noon Sunday in Detroit.

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