Father of 3 adopted boys: ‘Family is deeper than skin color’

(Courtesy: WRIC)
(Courtesy: WRIC)

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Eight years ago, 29-year-old Barry Farmer decided he wanted to be a foster parent.

“I went through the training, the director who was there told me I was perfect for the program,” Farmer recalled.

Now, he’s the adoptive father to 14-year-old Darrell,12-year-old Xavier, and 6-year-old Jeremiah.

(Courtesy: WRIC)
(Courtesy: WRIC)

“I didn’t expect one kid, let alone three,” he added. “When someone calls you dad, you’re like, ‘Who me?’ I just like taking care of children.”

Farmer believes that everyone deserves a family. He admits that at first, he and his three children received more than a few stares when they went out together.

“In this day in time when it comes to family, and seeing color or seeing unity and belonging, and that’s what I was hoping to accomplish with my family anyway,” Farmer said. “When I have them now I can’t imagine them anywhere else, and it’s a typical family. We may not look alike, but it’s a typical family. I just want them to be someone that I can be proud of and they can be proud of and that’s all it takes.”

One of Farmer’s children, 14-year-old Darrell, said he loves cars and wants to be a mechanic when he grows up. Seven years ago, he says his dad asked him the most important question of his young life.

32e8ba755b3d4039ad5a1547234d809a“Dad was like, ‘Can I be your dad forever?’ And I was like, ‘You already are.’ And that is how I came to stay here. I was in this dark spot at first, and then he just comes in the picture. And everything’s all right.”

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