Hotel construction boom likely to last in Nashville

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nashville’s hotel scene continues to boom and experts say to expect the construction cranes to stick around for a while.

Nashville’s Convention and Visitors Corp said the city is mainly in demand for leisure. So that means a lot of vacations and bachelorette parties.

What is keeping us from being a major “convention city” is we don’t have enough rooms in the heart of downtown but experts say this construction will change that.

“Well apparently we are really attractive to bachelorette parties and having a TV show with your name on it that is nationwide and soon global syndication really helps as well,”  said research firm STR’s Jan Freitag.

“I think having a three legged stool of healthcare, education, and being the state capitol all of those together really, really help as well. And don’t forget music of course!”

According to his companies research there are more than 11,000 rooms that are either under construction or are being planned. A little more than 2,000 of those rooms have actually broken ground.

“Right now it’s sort of if you build it they will come,” added Freitag. “Nashville has a really good reputation, a lot of demand from the leisure and business perspective and so a lot of developers are coming and saying hey let’s build there.”

Nashville ranks 11th in the country for the most hotel rooms under construction.

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