Pet of the Week for September 12, 2016

Courtesy: Metro Animal Care and Control

Looking for a new pet? Check out Nashville’s News 2’s “Pet of the Week” segment every Tuesday on News 2 This Morning. Below are this week’s featured pets:

ID: A131307
Name: Andromeda
Breed: pit bull mix
Gender: female
Age: 2 yrs.

Hello everybody my name is Andromeda! I might be a little shy when we first meet but boy do I warm up quickly. I am just looking for someone to share some snuggles with. I just know that out there somewhere is the family I have been dreaming of. I am not high maintenence just looking for somewhere full of love. If you are looking to share the love in your household with a new canine friend you should come down to the shelter and consider me!

ID: A131125
Name: Puppy Girl
Breed: pit bull mix
Gender: female
Age: 9 yrs.

Hello everyone my name is Puppy Girl! I was given that name because I have the spirit of a puppy. Not to brag but I think I am the sweetest girl ever. I just love to spend time with people and get all the scratches and love. I have become a real celebrity here at the shelter and I can just tell staff and volunteers love me. I know for a fact that I will make a family extremely happy so if you are looking for the most loving puppy come down to the shelter and meet me today!

ID: A131429
Name: Indie
Breed: lab mix
Gender: female
Age: 1 yr.

Hello everyone! My name is Indie and I am a good girl! If you were wondering what my favorite activity is I would definitely say playing fetch. I just love running after the ball and will do it for however long you’d like. Once I am done playing fetch I like to return the favor by giving lots of love and cuddles. I just know I would make a family so happy and all they need to do is come in to the shelter and meet me!

ID: A132210
Name: Lawrence
Gender: male
Age: 11 mos.

Hello everyone my name is Lawrence. I am your typical loving and adorable feline friend. I love to talk and can hold a conversation with my human friends pretty well. My favorite activity is lounging around and waiting for someone to come and pet me. Occasionally I like to chase toys around and play! I am really looking forward to finding the perfect forever home! It could be with you! All you need to do is come down to the shelter and meet me today!

ID: A132213
Name: Boots
Gender: male
Age: 4 yrs.

Hello! My name is Boots. I am the most handsome of cats. I basically look like a movie star. I love to sit and pose and have people admire me. I also love to run around and hang out with my feline friends. I definitely love living with other cats. I also love to look out the window and just watch everything going on out there. If you happen to walk by while I’m looking out I try to talk to you! I am just adorable and I know you will fall in love with me so come down and meet me today!

Anyone interested in adopting one of these pets is urged to contact Metro Animal Care and Control at 615-862-7928.

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