Antioch girl says she was approached by man for ride near Global Mall

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An Antioch middle school student told her mom a strange man stopped and asked if she needed a ride while she waited for her school bus, and her story matches another recent reported incident.

Her mom told News 2 it happened last Wednesday near Global Mall at the Crossings in Antioch.

“When she told me, it scared me because I thought, ‘This is someone who could’ve abducted her,” Erika Alexander said. “He could’ve gotten out of the car and pulled her in.”

Alexander says her 11-year-old told her the man asked if she had missed the school bus and if she needed a ride.

“She then said he left and came back and asked her name and how old she was,” Alexander said. “He then kept circling in and out the apartment building.”

Alexander called Metro police who said they did take note of the incident as a “suspicious behavior” report, but since there was no crime committed, they aren’t investigating.

Metro police told News 2 it’s not a crime to offer a ride to a child.

However, less than 10 days earlier, another middle school-aged child said she was approached by a man in the same vicinity. A witness told News 2 the girl ran up to the Southeast Library at Global Mall in tears.

The girl had said a man was following her in his car along Hickory Hollow Road and asked if she needed a ride.

(Photo: WKRN)
(Photo: WKRN)

Security for the Southeast Library confirmed that they did speak to the girl about the incident. However, when they reviewed surveillance video, there wasn’t a car that matched the description the girl gave them.

Security also said the girl left before they could make a report to Metro police.

The police department told News 2 the library or the girl’s parents should have called them so they could have investigated the girl’s story. They could then possibly establish a pattern in the area.

Still, Alexander wants police to investigate her daughter’s story or at least make other parents aware.

Authorities are asking parents to report any strange or suspicious activity involving their child so they can investigate if the person was a do-gooder or someone more nefarious.

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