Organizers take extra safety precautions for Dickson County Fair

DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – The banners are up, the signs are posted, and starting Monday the gates will open at the Dickson County Fair.

“We are hoping we are going to have a good turn out this year,” said Steve Manley, Dickson County Fair Association.

Steve Manley is the president of the association, and the last few months he’s been planning for the event.

“It looks like the weather is going to cooperate with us and we have all our favorite fan events going on,” said Manley.

The Dickson County Fair will be using Family Attractions Amusement Co. That is the same company that recently had a Ferris wheel tip over with three girls inside at an East Tennessee fair.

All three girls were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Because of this accident, Manley has taken some extra precautions.

“The fair board opted this year to have a third party level 1 inspector, ride inspector to come in,” said Manley.

The Dickson County Fair will have rides, but what it won’t have is the same Ferris wheel that left three girls injured.

“It is not here, it has been taken off the circuit from what I understand, and it will not be here,” said Manley.

Wayne White is the third party inspector and over the next two days he will be inspecting all the rides.

“Up to this point everything was inspected has been in really good shape,” said Manley “I can assure you there will be no ride operating on these fairgrounds unless it is safe.”

This is the fourth time Dickson County has used family attractions.

“We want you to come out, have fun enjoy it. We are doing everything we can to make sure you have a fun and safe experience,” said Manley.

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