Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office fights drugs with K9 unit


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, like many law enforcement agencies, doesn’t put up with people bringing drugs into their county.
One way they are fighting that is with dogs.

“He doesn’t understand what drugs are, but he understands what this chew toy is,” said Sgt. Mike Oliver with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

His German shepherd, Links, views this as a game. When he finds the drugs he gets a prize, which in most cases is his favorite chew toy. For Sgt. Oliver, however, finding drugs is a serious matter.

“Always going to see the marijuana, a lot of meth, the heroin we keep saying is making a comeback, and we are seeing a lot more of it.”

With Links by his side, it’s easier to sniff out and find the illegal substances. The dogs go through extensive training which can take months. Links’ one job is finding drugs.

“When you are doing a search, why take 45 minutes to do it with a human when you can send a dog in and in three minutes search a whole room?” asked Oliver.

After a few minutes of sniffing around, Links always finds the hidden drugs.

While the two are partners during the day, once it’s time to go home its back to being best friends.

“They are partners and you develop a relationship with them,” said Oliver.

Links can also pick up the scent of marijuana, meth and heroin.

The drug interdiction team has won several awards, most recently in 2015 with Street Level Interdiction Team of the Year. They were also awarded for having the largest counterfeit seizure in North America.

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