Brentwood group teaches women how to avoid, escape danger

Photo: WKRN

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WKRN) – A group in Brentwood is on a mission to help women stay safe.

The Vigilance Group specializes in teaching women how to avoid danger and escape it.

The owner, Michael “Moose” Moore, realized his passion for the subject after a student at his daughter’s college was sexually assaulted and murdered outside her dorm.

Moore’s daughter, who was a sorority adviser at the time, asked her father to come to the school to share what he knows.

“Little girl was abducted from the dorm doing everything right on a Tuesday night, and she was sexually assaulted and killed. When my daughter called me the next day, she said, ‘Dad, when you were in the service you used to teach us how to escape and survive. Would you come talk to my girls?’”

That’s when the retired Air Force fighter pilot and anti-terrorism expert started helping the most vulnerable protect themselves.

“We teach awareness, avoidance, and action, but really what vigilance is, is recognizing any unusual behavior that doesn’t fit the content of the environment. That can be anything,” explained Moore.

For his partner and instructor, Barb Jordan, this issue hits close to home. Her sister was murdered by her fiancé.

“He shot her three times in the head and left her for dead on the side of an isolated road. So, it was something that when I met Moose, I was like, I absolutely want to send a message to people everywhere that predators can be anybody, and that you can never let your guard down,” said Jordan.

Jordan talks about everyday occurrences that everyone can identify with. For example, what to do when you leave the grocery store.

According to The Vigilance Group, 90 percent of staying safe is head work. For the other 10 percent, Moose and Jordan preached “stun and run” and “palm strike, hammer fist.”

If you find yourself in this situation, you have just 15 seconds before fear sets in and you start to lose your cognitive skills. Moose calls that the go time.

“If you’re moved to a second location with a weapon, the chances of survival are almost nil. 7 percent, 8 percent,” stated Moose. “If you are grabbed, you have to assume it is your last day on Earth, and you have got to go there.”

For more information on the group, click here.

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