Animal Control takes in 97 pets in one day after space-saving adoption day

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – More than 130 animals from Metro Animal Care and Control found new homes as part of a special pet adoption event, but the newly freed up space didn’t last for long.

When the sheriff’s department showed up to evict Terry and Jimmy Jones from their house because they were behind on rent, they found several animals in bad condition inside the home.

The couple told News 2 Thursday they don’t understand why their pets were taken away.

Photo: WKRN
Photo: WKRN

“We were treating them just fine. We would let them go outside and go potty,” said Terry Jones. “The biggest dog we had was an albino dog. He slept with our son and daughter to keep them safe and it tore them apart because they had to bring him out.”

Workers removed a total of17 dogs, 11 cats, one rabbit, one ferret and one bird from the house.

The animals are currently at Metro Animal Care and Control. They arrived at the shelter after it took part in a special event, adopting out about 130 animals in just two days.

“Unfortunately the following Tuesday, we had our highest intake on record. We took in 97 animals on Tuesday alone,” said Becca Morris the Metro Animal Care and Control spokesperson.

Metro control is an open admission shelter, which means it doesn’t turn away anyone who comes in with an animal.

“So many of the animals that come in on Tuesday needed rescue placement. They needed immediate medical care and so many of our partners have stepped up to help us with those animals,” said Morris.

The couple has been charged with companion animal hoarding and environmental cruelty.

The couple told News 2 they were in no way being cruel to the animals or hoarding them.

“No, most of the animals we got was from people who didn’t want them,” said Jones.

During the fee-free adoption weekend, 375 animals from Metro Animal Care and Control, the Nashville Humane Association and Williamson County Animal Control found new homes.

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