Police remind drivers to lock doors after increase in car break-ins

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro police are reminding people to lock their car doors and take valuables inside as they are seeing an increase in car break-ins.

The issue is not unique to just one precinct, but in Midtown Hills, officers report an almost nine percent increase in car break-ins and a majority of them happen because people do not lock their car doors or leave items visible.

“It just takes a second for someone to look into a car and see something they want,” Midtown Hills Precinct Commander N. “Kay” Lokey said. “Even something as minor as 50 cents in change can be enough for someone to break into a car to steal.”

News 2 spoke to people living in the 12South and East Nashville area who say they have been the victim of car break-ins at their homes.

“Since we have been here, we have had it one time,” homeowner Beth Wolf said. “Making sure we lock the doors is something we should be taking responsibility for too.”

Wolf said her family tries to remember to take all their valuables out of their car, but with two small children they can forget in the effort to get everyone from the car to the home.

Collette Wheeler agreed. In fact, her sister’s car was targeted during a recent visit.

“My sister’s car was gone through when she was visiting us. She was parked on the street,” Wheeler said. “I think she felt pretty violated and a little insecure about leaving her car there afterward.”

Commander Lokey said thefts from vehicles are the number one property crime that all the precincts deal with from week to week.

“People are leaving cars unsecured. That can be windows down, cars not locked and we even have people leave keys in cars,” Commander Lokey said. “The second problem is just leaving valuables in the car.”

Commander Lokey continued, “I can lock my car up. But if I leave an item like a laptop or a briefcase where all I have to do is look into the car and it is visible, it is a good chance that car is going to get broken into.”

Car thefts are also an issue.

So far this year Metro police have had 944 motor vehicle theft. Sixty-eight percent of the cars were taken because the keys were left inside or in some other way available to the person who stole the vehicle.

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