Homeowners say Wilson County property assessor over-valued their homes

(Photo: WKRN)

WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Wilson County residents will pay more in property taxes this year after the commission voted Tuesday to raise the rate.

Homeowners now say the tax increase is wrong because they believe the county property assessor over-valued their homes.

News 2 told you about the discrepancy in property assessments this past May. At the time, Wilson County homeowners said they were worried the commission would raise taxes because of the high property assessments.

Those worries were confirmed Tuesday night when the county commission approved a 35-cent increase. Homeowners will now pay $2.52 per $100 assessed.

People like Bill Haupt say he doesn’t mind a tax hike, but the assessment is wrong. Therefore, he believes he’ll pay too much.

Haupt’s home was assessed by the county at $350,000. He says he had his house appraised on his own and the price came in at $300,000.

“I don’t know how to feel about the property tax rate hike because it’s not based on true assessments,” he told News 2. “We can’t talk about a tax increase until we have the assessments right.”

Haupt appealed his assessment, but his appeal was denied.

According to the Wilson County property assessor’s office, Haupt is one of 998 Wilson County homeowners who appealed their property assessments.

The State Comptroller’s office says most of those appeals were denied.

Haupt is on a fixed income and a senior citizen. He says he can’t afford to pay nearly $300 more a year. He and his wife plan to move to a neighboring county.

In the meantime, he took his appeal to the State Board of Equalization, which is part of the Comptroller’s Office. The State will hear the appeals over the next few months.

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