VIDEO: Passengers from LAX to BNA talk about airport scare

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Reports of a gunman firing shots at Los Angeles International Airport Sunday night turned out to be false, but caused quite a scare.

Hundreds of passengers were waiting for flights. Rob Galdeano was waiting for his flight to Nashville.

“I heard a pop and then turned over behind me and saw a mass of people. I heard shooter, and we just all headed out the door,” he said.

Sara Kredo and her family were in that crowd. Kredo told News 2, “There’s people that had no shoes on, they left their shoes on conveyer belts. They had cut up knees, and everybody was just like, where are we going, where are we going?”

Kredo said a Delta employee grabbed her family and around fifty other passengers, and locked them in a closet with mops and toiletries.

“There was people’s like suitcases everywhere. There was kids in the middle of these groups screaming. There was dogs in the hallways, so every time a dog barked everybody was like, what’s that?” said Kredo.

Kredo’s 11-year-old son Aden said he knew he had to be brave. “I was just thinking like what are we going to do? When we were in the closet, like, okay, what are we going to do next? And then we ended up going to a parking garage,” he said.

They decided they would be safer in the parking garage. They hid there and watched their phones until they got an alert that they weren’t in danger.

Police determined there was no active shooter, but the false alarm caused 281 flight delays, 27 flight diversions and 2 cancellations.

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