Police: Dickson City inmates get hands on liquor, knife, syringes

(Mug shots: Dickson County Sheriff's Office)

DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) – Dickson police have launched an internal investigation into a multitude of policy violations that allowed prisoners to obtain liquor, a knife and insulin syringes.

The prisoners were waiting to appear in court Tuesday afternoon and got their hands on the contraband from a police officer’s locker in a hallway leading from the prisoner holding cells to a Dickson City court room.

Authorities responded to reports of a disturbance in the holding cell and the strong smell of alcohol.

According to the internal report, inmate Timothy Cederoth had vomited on himself and Leonard Beard had passed out.

Police Chief Ricky Chandler told News 2 the prisoners stole a liter of whiskey, insulin syringes, and a pocket knife from the unsecured police locker.

The locker belongs to Officer Scott Hull, an 18-year veteran of the force, who is currently under administrative leave with pay for unspecified reasons.

What the significance of the whiskey and other items is and what they were doing in Hull’s locker is not yet known.

According to the police chief, the prisoners were able to access Hull’s locker after the lock had been cut off by a supervisor.

The lock was cut because it was believed the locker might contain missing evidence from another case Hull was working that should have been in an evidence locker but was not.

How the inmates were able to steal contraband from the locker without being seen, and why that contraband was left in the locker in the first place, is now all being investigated.

A stolen gun from another case that Officer Hull was working was found in a filing cabinet in another part of the building when it should have been logged into evidence in the evidence locker. The gun was not loaded.

Additionally, the three prisoners found in possession of the whiskey, knife, and insulin syringes could all face further charges.

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