Goodlettsville All-Stars discuss sports superstitions

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WARNER ROBINS, Ga. (WKRN) –The Goodlettsville All-Stars compete for a spot in the Little League World Series Wednesday when they take on Georgia.

Like most baseball players, the little leaguers are prone to superstitions.

But Coach Joey Hale said he’s not superstitious.

“You try to fight against that say ‘You know what?  It’s just a game, there’s nothing to it’ but it definitely enters your mind,” said Hale.

He definitely thinks about it.

“I drove my car for the first time in the tournament by myself and got there and we played our worst game,” Hale continued.

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Coach Jeremy Jones said he is superstitious.

“I wore a different pair of shorts in game three and in games one and two I wore the same pair of shorts. So I walked my shorts across the hall and said I’m not wearing these tomorrow,” said Jones.

And Coach Kip Brown?

“Same shorts, same hat, same belt,” said Brown.

As for the players, when they enter the dugout, they like to hit the “W” on the Little League World Series sign and never hit the “L.”

To them, the “W’ stands for “win” while the “L” stand for “lose.”

(Photo: WKRN)
(Photo: WKRN)

The game begins at 2 p.m.

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