Man recounts going to 2012 Little League World Series with Coach Corbin

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GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – When you find yourself in possession of an extra plane ticket on the way to the Little League World Series, who wouldn’t take a Vanderbilt University head coach?

As the Goodlettsville All-Star team currently sits one win away from the World Series this year, one local man is reflecting on his time at the 2012 game.

When Ray Knotts found himself with an extra seat on the plane headed for Williamsport, Pennsylvania, in 2012, he figured who better to ask than Vanderbilt head baseball coach, Tim Corbin.

Knotts called Corbin’s office and left a message with his assistant.

“Well he called back in ten minutes and we talked for another ten minutes and then he said yeah I’ll go, and we had never met yet,” Knotts told News 2.

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A phone call was all it took and the rest of the trip was first class.

“It was something else. Going with Tim Corbin has its benefits, when you show up there’s people with VIP passes for you, you get to sit where other people don’t get to sit because ESPN wants to interview him,” said Knotts.

Knotts told News 2 that Corbin told him if he ever made it back to the Little League Worlds Series again, he would come.

“He texted me that same thing in the last week. He said, ‘If you guys make it, our bags are packed,’” said Knotts.

The Goodlettsville All-Star team’s next game is 2 p.m. on Wednesday. If they win, they’ll earn the right to head go to the Little League World Series.

They will play either Georgia or West Virginia, two teams Goodlettsville has already beaten in the Southeast regional.

News 2 is traveling with the Goodlettsville All-Stars as they fight to reach the Little League World Series. Click here for complete coverage of the team’s success.

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