Cars damaged by falling rock from east Nashville railroad bridge

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Imagine driving down the road and rocks start raining on your car.

That’s what several drivers say happened as they passed under an east Nashville railroad crossing on East Trinity Lane near Ellington Parkway.

The falling rocks were caused by construction.

Viewers asked News 2 how this could happen and if the railroad company is doing anything to keep drivers safe.

William Hardin was driving with his daughter down East Trinity Lane when rocks hit his truck, roof and windshield right in his line of vision.

“I’m just glad nothing else came of it, to be honest,” he told News 2.

Latanya Majors also had a startling experience while driving through the area. She was headed home when her car was hit.

“It sounded like someone throwing rocks into the road. I know my deductible is going to be about $200 if I claim it on insurance.”

That’s money she says she doesn’t have.

CXS says the rocks came from a small gap in the wooden boards surrounding the bridge. Some of the rocks that fell were bigger than golf balls.

This is one of three railroad tracks they are repairing.

According to CSX, the wooden barricade was placed there to prevent damage but it didn’t work. So they added another wood board after the rocks fell.

They plan to repair both Hardin and Majors cars.

Anyone whose car was damaged by CSX can make a claim on their website, and an agent will respond.

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