Tips to help you prepare for a new school year

(Photo: WKRN)

PUTNAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Students in Putnam County and Tullahoma City Schools go back to school Wednesday.

News 2 spoke with guidance counselors to see what they tell parents to make getting back to school less stressful.

They have some great tips for those who may have another week or two, including some for older kids who will have extra sports and activities to manage this year.

“Start going ahead and waking up early with an alarm, go ahead and start going to bed early so that first morning doesn’t start with an unknown at home as well,” said Putnam County’s Allyson Evans.

“One of things that we try and do is to be prepared every night for the following morning as we can. Bags are packed; they’re exactly where they need to be. Sometimes if we know we’re going to have a particularly busy day we may even put backpack already in the car have stuff going and ready to go. She knows what she’s going to wear the night before,” says guidance counselor Whitney Upton.

“I will pull out my planner and my agenda or if they’re a tech savvy student I will show them my calendar on my iPhone or my iPad and show them how to make lists. I’m a color coder so I also will show them make sporting events purple, your homework assignments blue,” said guidance counselor Jamie Torrence.

All three also want to remind parents that kids take their cues from you, so as stressed and anxious as you are, they feel it to.

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