Sen. Bob Corker weighs in on Trump’s VP pick

Bob Corker (Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – U.S. Sen. Bob Corker spoke to the Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce at the Sunrise Cafe in Ashland City Friday.

The junior senator from Tennessee addressed the group briefly and then took questions.

He spoke just over an hour after Republican candidate Donald Trump announced on Twitter that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence would be his running mate.

When speaking with the media after the event, Sen. Corker said he approved of Trump’s vice presidential pick.

“I think Mike Pence is a great pick. I really do. He has served in Congress, he has been a governor, so he’s had the kind of experience to compliment the business background that Donald Trump has.”

He says he tried to call Gov. Pence on Friday morning to congratulate him.

“I actually tried to call Mike on the way here today, and as you can imagine, his voicemail is full.”

Sen. Corker made headlines as a possible running mate when he campaigned with Trump earlier this month.

However, he later announced he did not want to be vice president.

On Friday, he said, “I’ve always viewed myself as more of a policy person. It was really clear to me, that especially over the next 120 days, it’s a different kind of job.”

The senator went on to say that he emailed Trump’s daughter, who is one of the candidate’s closest advisers.

“I actually emailed Ivanka this morning and told them that they had done a good job picking a candidate.”

Sen. Corker briefly alluded to the possibility of another job in the Trump administration should the billionaire be elected.

“Maybe there are other opportunities, but being chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee certainly is a privilege.”

A spokesman for Corker says he will attend this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland but does not plan to speak at the event.

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