Titans reconsidering PAT strategy

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Is it time for the Tennessee Titans to go for 2?

Yes, all of the time. As mini-camp ended in June head coach Mike Mularkey said they have already talk about the 2-point conversion.

“Yeah, a little bit, but we’re going talk about that more the week we come back before training camp and firm up what we think about that,” he said.

Last season, Ryan Succop hit 29 of 31 PAT’s from the new distance (32-33) yards giving the Titans 29 of 31 points.

Last season the Titans went for the two-point conversion five times and went 60 percent succeeding three of five times.

While they came away with no points twice, that also comes out to six points in five attempts.

That’s 1.2 points per attempt and applied over the course of last season for the Titans that would have been 37.2 points on those 31 PAT’s instead of 29.

That’s assuming a continued 60 percent success rate, which is an awfully big assumption.

Last season in the NFL, teams succeeded on 45 of 94 total 2-point attempts. That’s 90 points and comes out to less than one point per attempt.

But, how much emphasis have teams really spent on developing the 2 point play? It’s only two yards, and while defending less ground is a huge advantage for the defense it would seem offenses could improve those numbers with more time spent preparing to attack that opportunity.

A team like the Titans, with a throwing and running threat at quarterback like Marcus Mariota, would look to be extremely dangerous in those opportunities and they were third best in the NFL last year at it.

Tight end Delanie Walker had the most interesting take.

Walker said the PAT is usually a time he gets to rest, so he’s all about the team simply kicking it.

When he was told about Ben Roethlisberger pushing for two, he said, “He didn’t just run 60 yards for a touchdown.”

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