Health officials offer tips to keep car safe during summer heat

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The extreme heat can be dangerous, especially inside your car.

Health officials warn there are some everyday items you need to be cautious of inside of your car.

“Cars are somewhat like ovens and their temperatures can get up to 140 to 160 degrees very quickly even if you have a small crack in the window. A lot of the surfaces in cars are black, so they absorb then radiate that heat in the car,” explained Dr. Cory Slovis with Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

While you may use a towel inside your car to keep from burning your own legs, don’t forget about your kids.

The plastic and metal on their car seat can easily burn them. Parents are encouraged to think about covering it with a towel to keep it cooler.

“You know metal buckles can certainly get very hot,” Brian Todd with the Metro Health Department said.

He also suggested trying to cool off your vehicle first before getting in.

“Make sure it’s cooled off. If you can, turn the air conditioner on in your car to try and bring that temperature down some before you put your child in in the first place,” Todd said.

Dr. Slovis added everything in your car can quickly heat up to dangerous temperatures.

“Anything you leave in the car can get very hot. People can burn themselves on their sunglasses when they go to put them on their face,” he said.

Even keeping sunscreen in the car can be unsafe, as the heat can change its effectiveness. The heat can also cause the plastic bottles to melt.

While you are urged to stay hydrated in the heat- a study by the University of Florida found that water stored in plastic bottles can be unsafe to drink after being left in a hot car causing the BPA level to rise.

The extreme temperatures can also cause cans and bottles to explode.

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