75 volunteers help clean up after storm damages Robertson County church

Courtesy: iReport2

CEDAR HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — Founded in 1840, Heads Free Will Baptist Church in Cedar Hill, Tennessee, has had its share of torrential downpours, but nothing like what church members experienced Friday morning.

“When I got up Friday morning, I found out our building had 21 inches of rain in it,” Senior Pastor Billy Ellis told News 2.

Water flowed into the church sanctuary and the fellowship hall.

Courtesy: iReport2
Courtesy: iReport2

“We have had some water in the building and some really big rains, but never one that was strong enough to wash the back wall out of the fellowship hall,” Ellis explained.

The pressure caused the bricks on the outside of the rear wall of the hall to peel off as the wall buckled outward. The foundation of the hall was rocked destroying the building, but not the sanctuary.

“About half the church was here today to put it back together so we could have services tomorrow.”

Around 75 volunteers from the community worked Saturday turning the church inside out; removing pews, cleaning up, drying out and repairing the facilities where possible.

Courtesy: iReport2
Courtesy: iReport2

While the destruction occupied the small communities Saturday, Pastor Ellis says it also brought their neighbors together creating a picture of what church is all about.

“It does show the heart of our people and I’m very thankful for that.”

Church officials tell us the church is not in an area that is classified as a flood plain, so it is unknown what insurance will be available to help with repairs or rebuilding.

The church started a GoFundMe account, click here for more.


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