Teen gets stuck inside head of Barney costume

(Courtesy: WIAT)

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — An Alabama teen spent an uncomfortable 45 minutes trapped inside a fiberglass “Barney” head this weekend.

Amy Self’s daughter had a few girls over to spend the night on Sunday. Her daughter’s 15-year-old friend Darby jokingly put on the Barney head, which the Selfs had acquired after their church was cleaning out and getting rid of things no longer in use.

“Kids love putting it on when they are here, but no one has ever gotten stuck in it before,” explained Self.

Darby soon discovered she had become stuck inside the head. It slipped down over her shoulders, so she had trouble moving, adding to the dinosaur effect.

“It was hard to take her seriously as she was flailing her arms around. We laughed the entire time!” Self said. “It never got too scary because we knew that she would eventually get out. There are air holes so we knew she was in no real danger.”

After they realized Barney wasn’t coming off without an intervention, Self strapped Darby into the front seat and drove her to their local fire station.

Courtesy Amy Self.

“Driving around with her in the front seat was pure joy,” Self said. “She is a fun kid and took it all very well!”

Self’s daughter captured the ordeal on Snapchat, making for some hilarious photos despite Darby’s discomfort.

The Barney head is partially made of fiberglass, and Darby began to swell a bit, which made it even more difficult to remove the Barney head.

“She did panic a bit and got frustrated when we were trying to get the head off,” she recalled.

The firefighters were able to free her by making a few cuts around Barney’s head with tin snips. This freed up enough space to pull it off her.

Despite Barney’s minor surgery, Self says he’s still in good enough shape if anyone else is brave enough to put him on.

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