Bride, wearing wedding dress, gives CPR to woman on street

(Photo: WKRN)

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A new bride didn’t let her white gown stop her from reviving a woman who was unconscious on a bench in Pittsburgh.

Julie Stroyne, a trauma nurse at UPMC-Presbyterian, was walking in downtown Pittsburgh Saturday night after her wedding reception when she and others from her wedding party saw the ailing woman.

Her sister Kaitlyn Stroyne tells the (Washington) Observer-Reporter the woman had no pulse. She says Stroyne kicked off her heels, got down on her knees and began performing CPR on her while others called 911.

She says everyone was saying “the bride saved the day.”

The newlyweds didn’t get the woman’s name and don’t know her condition, since once paramedics arrived they “kind of stepped back.”

Julie Stroyne says “there’s no time off” a nurse’s duties.

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