48 dogs rescued from ‘horrendous’ conditions in west Tennessee

(Courtesy: Animal Rescue Corps)

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Forty-eight dogs, mostly small breeds, were found living in “horrendous conditions” at a breeding facility about two hours west of Nashville.

Animal Rescue Corps assisted the Gibson County Sheriff’s Department, whose deputies inspected the property and found violations of state and local animal cruelty codes, with the rescue.

(Courtesy: Animal Rescue Corps)
(Courtesy: Animal Rescue Corps)

Forty-five small dogs were reportedly found stacked in cages with piles of urine soaked feces along with three large dogs roaming loose on the property. Two dead dogs were also allegedly found on the property; one in a cage with two other dogs which the property owner indicated she had known about for some time.

“These dogs have been locked in a cage their whole lives and forced to have litter after litter.” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “They have never known what it’s like to be a dog. Most of them have never felt the ground beneath their feet or a kind touch.”

Many of the animals were found without access to food or water and some exposed to the elements without shade of any kind, according to ARC. Adult dogs and puppies, some of which were just days old and nursing, exhibited signs of severe, chronic neglect, including emaciation, mange, dehydration, intestinal worms, external parasites, urine scalding, severe matting, runny eyes and alopecia.

“Cruelty and abuse, whether inflicted on a person or animal, will not be tolerated in this county.” said Paul Thomas, Sheriff of Gibson County. “We are, once again, grateful to Animal Rescue Corps for being a resource for our community to address these large scale cases of abuse.”

(Courtesy: Animal Rescue Corps)
(Courtesy: Animal Rescue Corps)

ARC documented all of the animals and the conditions on the property before transporting the dogs to the emergency shelter set up for this rescue in Lebanon, where they were already caring for the 32 dogs rescued five days ago in Morgan County.

The property owner, who breeds and sells dogs, is being charged with 50 counts of animal cruelty.

For people wishing to foster or adopt, ARC will publish its list of shelter and rescue placement partners on its Facebook page.

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