English language-learners continue English lessons during summer

(photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – There are 57 days until Metro students report back to school, but learning isn’t on hold until then.  Casa Azafran’s Conexion Americas helps prepare English language learners to get ahead.

The summer slide can be devastating for kids who do not speak English fluently.

When those students go home, they speak almost exclusively in their native language, and remain relatively isolated from English. The goal for the summer program is to put them in situations where they can use what they’ve learned in school.

English learner Marian Gamil said, “I think it’s really important because my siblings they came at a younger age and they were introduced to summer programs as well and their English is better than mine and so right now in college I could struggle.”

English learner Berenice Oliva says, “It took years to become confident. I have an accent and I was like I’m not so sure about speaking so I would just stay quiet.”

Conexion Americas’ Gini Pupo-Walker says, “So I think that students will tell you they feel much more confident in school when they have a lot of practice speaking English, being around peers, doing activities where they are required to speak.”

Click here for more information on Conexion Americas summer programs.

The group says Metro Schools are also beefing up summers for their English learners. They have a half dozen programs at different schools that start in June focusing on math and reading recovery.

Click here for more information on the district’s summer programs.

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