Franklin home damaged by fire caused by linseed-soaked rags

Courtesy: Premier Protective Services

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Franklin home was damaged Monday by fire caused by linseed-oil soaked rags, which spontaneously combusted, according to the Franklin Fire Department.

Firefighters responded to the scene on 104 Fall Church Ct. around 2:45 p.m.

A family of four was inside when the fire began when they heard a loud pop in the garage. All family members were able to escape safely.

The fire began in the garage where the rags were stored. They were used by the homeowner on a furniture project on Sunday.

The fire reportedly caused $125,000 in damage to the $425,000 home.  Additionally, one vehicle that was parked in the garage was destroyed in the fire.

Franklin Fire Investigator Josh Sanders said he has seen a number of fires over the years that have started due to linseed oil.

“When linseed oil rags are balled up and left in a pile a self-heating reaction starts,” explained Sanders.  “It’s not uncommon for a fire to ignite linseed oil-soaked rags 24 hours or more after using them.”  Sanders offered this advice, “If you use linseed oil, make sure your rags are placed flat outside of the house to dry.  Let them dry completely before you discard them.  Don’t put them in the dryer or leave them bunched up in a bucket or a container.  They’re extremely combustible.”

(Courtesy: Franklin Fire Department)
(Courtesy: Franklin Fire Department)

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