Family overwhelmed after stranger buys bike for sick son

(Courtesy: WFLA)

OSPREY, Fla. (WFLA) – A couple’s recent trip to Walmart left them crying tears of joy after an unexpected act of kindness from a mystery man.

Five weeks ago, Cody Reinert’s son, Jordan, had to undergo open heart surgery. Doctors said he had a heart murmur. They also needed to relocate his pulmonary vein that was on the bottom of his heart.

“The doctors at All Children’s Hospital in St. Pete couldn’t believe that he was actually able to function as a normal child due to this defect. These problems were causing his heart to be so enlarged that his heart was taking up his whole rib cage,” Cody explained.

Jordan was discharged after a week in the hospital, but the recovery continued.

“We were unable to hold him, hug him or pick him up under his armpits. He had very limited walking due to constant dizziness, no baths or being submerged in water, and unable to go outside,” Cody explained.

(Courtesy: WFLA)
(Courtesy: WFLA)

Jordan calls his scars his badge of honor.

Like most kids, Jordan is full of energy and so is his younger brother, Austin. Cody says they have to stay positive because Jordan is down at times because he can’t do certain things like his younger sibling.

Cody and his girlfriend Corrine are encouraging him to never give up.

With the bills from the doctors appointments piling up, the family ran into financial hardship. But a recent trip to a nearby Walmart touched their hearts in a very unexpected way.

“Since Jordan had his surgery he keeps asking for a Dirt Bike, so we put him on one to see if he could attempt to ride it. While doing so, people around us were cheering him on and watching him ride it. A Walmart employee even helped him learn how to keep his feet on the pedals. Jordan pedaled past an older gentleman and stopped,” Cody explained.

(Courtesy: WFLA)
(Courtesy: WFLA)

The man started a conversation with the couple, and they explained that their son is still recovering from double open heart surgery. The gentlemen asked how the recovery was going before going on his way.

“We put the bike back and told Jordan that we would have to wait until we could afford it, and we proceeded to the checkout line. The man then came up behind Cody and handed him money and said, ‘Please go buy that boy the bike,’” the family recounted to WFLA.

They were completely caught off guard and tried giving the man back the money, but he kept saying, “Please go buy that boy the bike.”

Cody thanked the man and he walked away, while Corrine started crying. She whisked Jordan out of the shopping cart to try and catch the man, say thank you and give him a hug, but he was gone. The family searched around the store and out in the parking lot but did not see the stranger.

The family hopes that by sharing their story the mystery man will know how grateful they are to him.

“It makes my heart happy to know that good people still exist, and we were blessed with his kindness. I just want to take the time and thank this man… wherever he may be… and I want him to know that he made Jordan a very happy little boy.”

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