Nashville General Hospital to undergo financial assessment

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nashville General Hospital will undergo a third-party assessment of its financials by Kraft CPA, an audit, tax, and accounting consulting firm.

Mayor Megan Barry made the announcement Friday alongside the hospital’s CEO Joseph Webb while discussing its future.

Kraft CPA is expected to analyze how the hospital spends and makes its money, as well as how its governed.

In February, the Metro Council approved $10 million in emergency funds for the beleaguered hospital, which has experienced significant revenue shortfalls.

The hospital is publicly supported and serves the poorest members of Nashville’s community, even if they cannot pay for their healthcare, but the financial solvency of the facility has been a long-time concern, and Nashville taxpayers have been footing the bill.

“I think that taxpayers deserve a clearer picture, an understanding of how their hard-earned dollars are being used to subsidize General Hospital,” the mayor said.

“And I hope that this study is going to help us better articulate both a critical need for a facility that serves the indigent as well as a plan for ensuring a higher quality of service and results,” she continued.

Mayor Barry said the city would be paying for the audit but would not specify how much it would cost.

She said Kraft CPA partner Kevin Crumbo would lead the assessment and donate his services specifically.

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