Chaplain returns from Iraq early, surprises daughter at graduation

Courtesy: WKDZ

HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (WKRN) – Fort Campbell-based U.S. Army Chaplain Chris Davis didn’t think he’d be home from Iraq in time to watch his daughter graduate from high school Thursday.

But when his command staff allowed him to return two weeks early, he and his wife, Kaye, decided to keep it a secret.

As their daughter, Mary Carson Davis, was receiving her diploma, a teacher asked her siblings to come up on stage under the guise of recording a video to send to their dad.

As they did, Dad snuck up surprised them all.

For Chaplain Davis, it was the perfect homecoming.

“It was really a surreal moment, something I’ll never forget,” he told News 2. “I took Mary to school her first day of school. And to be there for graduation was off-the-charts awesome.”

Over the years, deployments overseas meant Davis missing important milestones, including his 25th wedding anniversary, proms, and sweet sixteen birthdays.

So making it home for Mary’s graduation meant the world to him.

“It was absolutely unreal and I’m still kind of drinking it in.”

The Davis family is getting ready for another military family tradition: moving. Davis’ new assignment means relocating to Fort Benning, Georgia.

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