Bathroom special session up in the air

(Graphic: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A special session in Tennessee about the controversial, nationwide issue of transgender bathrooms or locker rooms won’t likely be decided until next week as votes may not be there yet.

House Republican Caucus chair Glen Casada has been polling members to see if there would be the two-thirds of the members’ votes necessary to approve the special session.

Right now, he is “around 60” of the 66-votes necessary for House approval, say several Capitol Hill individuals familiar with the process.

Two-thirds of the Tennessee Senate would also be required to go along with the House.

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One scenario outlined to News 2 says the Senate won’t consider action on the special session until the House is assured of the necessary votes.

Earlier this week, Casada said was drafting legislation in preparation for special session.

He said in a statement that it, “would require the Tennessee Attorney General to defend any school system that is sued due to a perceived violation of Title IX as it relates to bathrooms and locker rooms. By placing this requirement in code, our schools will be better suited to make decisions at a local level without the fear of burdensome lawsuits based on unconstitutional directives from the federal government. ”

Governor Bill Haslam is not currently on board with his fellow Republican lawmakers telling reporters he questions the need for a special session.

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