Titans unite with Nashville Predators for NHL playoffs

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Predators are off to the West Coast for Game 7 with the San Jose Sharks and more fans than ever are standing with the team.

It’s a first for Nashville, after 20 years the Titans are walking out onto the ice instead of the field.

“It’s so much fun seeing them be a fan as opposed to seeing them play on the field. Pumping up the crowd, jumping up on seats, just having fun and hamming for the camera, it’s really cool,” Sean Henry President and CEO of the Nashville Predators said.

From Marcus Mariota to Delanie Walker, the Titans have been a fixture at Bridgestone Arena.

“They don’t need to have me come and pump the crowd; I’m always there pumped,” Walker told News 2.

Avery Williamson has been adamant and even the head coach has put aside the two tone blue for Predators gold as our sports teams unite.

“It’s team Smashville. You know the better we do, the better it is for the Sounds, the Titans, Vanderbilt, Belmont put every school in there, every team in there and conversely the better they do the better it is for us because it makes sports that unifying event,” Henry explained.

And the fans love it.

“I think it’s amazing that all of our sports teams, this community for Nashville, the Sounds, the Titans, everybody pulling for each other. I think it shows a lot of love and great admiration for what they do,” fan Michelle Strohmeier told News 2.

While taking home the Stanley Cup is on their mind, the Preds can’t wait to show the same love on the football field and share in a year round winning feeling.

“You see how the atmosphere is at their games and we all want that,” said Walker.

The Sharks get home ice during Game 7 Thursday night.

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