Mother, daughter fight off escaped inmate during carjacking attempt

From Right: Rita Stone and Antonia Stone (Courtesy: Smokey Barns News)

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. (WKRN/Smokey Barn News) — An inmate is back in jail Wednesday after he briefly escaped the Robertson County jail and attempted to carjack two women in Springfield.

According to our news partners at Smokey Barn News, the inmate made it to Memorial Blvd. in Springfield where he tried to steal a woman’s car.

But the car’s driver, Rita Stone, and her daughter Antonia began fighting back.

“He opened the door, and started telling me to get out and grabbed a hold of me by my arm and my leg and I just kept a hold of the steering wheel and told him no,” explained Rita Stone.

Antonia admitted that she was going for his eyes to make the inmate let go of her mother.

A deputy arrived at the scene and used a Tazer on the man to subdue him.

The suspect was taken to the hospital for the cuts and scrapes he received during the carjacking attempt before he was transported back to the jail.

Authorities have not identified the suspect or commented on if he will face charges.

The mother and daughter, who are from Kentucky, said they were just passing through the area when the incident occurred.

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