Hospitalized kids choose presents for Mother’s Day

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Young patients at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital were given the opportunity to give their moms something special for Mother’s Day.

The hospital set up a special store of donated items at a make-shift store for kids to pick out as presents for their mothers.

Among the items available were adult coloring books, gift cards, necklaces and spa kits.

Patients were also able to make a card for mom at a craft station and have the presents gift wrapped.

“Our job is to try to normalize the hospital environment for our patients as much as possible for our kids that are here around Mother’s Day and other holidays,’ said Child Life Specialist Bekah Gannon.

“If they were at school, they would be getting to make things for their mom at school or go shopping for a gift but when you’re here at the hospital, you miss out on those opportunities so we try to bring as much of those normal things into the hospital as possible so kids don’t have to miss out just because they are at the hospital.”

The items were all donated by members of the Nashville community.

To donate items for future special events, email or click here.

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