Tennessee Democrats discuss Donald Trump at annual dinner

James Carville (Photo: WKRN )

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Longtime Democratic political consultant James Carville headlined the annual Jackson Day Dinner Saturday night by feasting on presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Carville told the crowd of 750 that it would “give Trump a nightmare” if he were at the Democratic event where there were “white people, black people, straight people, gay people.”

James Carville (Photo: WKRN )
James Carville (Photo: WKRN )

Carville, the political consultant who gained fame for telling Bill Clinton “it’s the economy stupid” during the 1992 campaign, said the 162-year-old Republican Party “is cracking up before our eyes.”

He went on to say that Trump had won more Republican primary voters than anyone in history, and now party officials were “aghast” at what happened.

Tennessee Republicans will be in the same location next Friday for their annual fundraising event.

They have not said much about Trump being the presumptive Republican presidential nominee while focusing on the Democratic frontrunner.

“We have to make sure that Hillary Clinton does not come anywhere near the White House. The best way to do that is go out there and educate people about the extreme liberal stances that she takes,” says state party executive director Brent Leatherwood.

He and the other Republicans will have that chance when Hillary Clinton will be on the menu for their annual Statesmen Dinner fundraiser on Friday, May 13, but Saturday night belonged to the Democrats and James Carville.

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