Smyrna 2-year-old accidentally shoots self in cheek

Photo: WKRN

SMYRNA, Tenn. (WKRN) – A two-year-old was injured after she accidentally shot herself Saturday morning.

The Smyrna Police Department received a call about the shooting at 10:53 a.m. at a home in the 4000 block of Snowbird Drive.

Authorities say the toddler got access to a pistol and accidentally shot herself in the cheek. She was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center by LifeFlight.

Officials told News 2 she is in stable condition, and her injuries are non-life threatening.

The shooting remains under investigation, and no charges have been filed at this time.

Evidence in the case will be sent to the Rutherford County District Attorney’s Office for evaluation.

Photo: WKRN
Photo: WKRN

The Safe Tennessee Project, who are pushing for lawmakers to pass a bill named MaKayla’s Law, released a statement about the shooting, which reads:

“Another child with access to a loaded gun leads to yet another 100% preventable tragedy, ” said Beth Joslin Roth, policy director of The Safe Tennessee Project. “This little girl was only 2-years-old- a baby!  When we brought this issue to legislators, they were dismissive of our concerns.  They said parents just need to tell kids not touch guns.  Perhaps the’ve not spent time with toddlers. Or tweens or teens, for that matter.  If you’re going to have firearms in a home with children, the responsibility to keep kids from hurting themselves with the gun is solely on the parents. And, if their decision to irresponsibly store their gun leads to a child being injured or killed, they need to held accountable. Period.”

MaKayla’s Law make it a criminal offense to recklessly leave a firearm readily accessible to a child under the age of 13. The bill was was named for 8-year-old MaKayla Dyer, who was shot to death last October. An 11-year-old is accused of pulling the trigger after she wouldn’t let him play with her dog.

The bill failed failed after a discussion by a Tennessee House committee in March. 



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